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Our Training Vision

Promoting growth and excellence in the pharmaceutical industry through continuous training and development of ethical professionals with high standards of competencies.


This course takes a holistic approach in training and developing your customers. Its objective is to train Medical Representatives to have a basic understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and its ethics.

The course will also equip your employees with medical knowledge that will be essential in enabling them to convey accurate and responsible technical information related to pharmaceuticals, to doctors, pharmacists and other members of the healthcare profession.


To the Employer

Medical representatives that are trained are more confident, effective and productive. Your field force will become more knowledgeable and competent, projecting a more professional image. They will become more motivated as they are aware that their company is prepared to invest in their development and growth. In the long term, your Company’s profitability will be enhanced.

To the Employee

Upon successful completion of the course, you can append the initials CMR behind your name. Equipped with newfound knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, your competence and effectiveness increases, allowing you to approach your job with increased confidence. Over time, as you perform better in your job, your career prospects improve.


This is a distance learning programme so that training can be extended to representatives countrywide. There will be 5 areas of study, covered in 3 semesters. Candidates are required to attend two (2) compulsory ‘In-Residence’ courses which will be conducted by the Course Facilitator over 1-2 days during each semester. Each semester will be concluded with an End-of-Semester Assessment.


From time to time, leaders and experienced professionals from the medical and pharmaceutical industries will be invited to share their expertise and opinions on the latest developments within the industry. Past graduates of this certificate programme will also be invited to share their knowledge and views.


For further information, please contact:

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