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Value Pricing for
Improved Patient Access in Malaysia
White Paper

September 2016

Executive Summary

The 11th Malaysia plan aims to achieve access to quality health care while also ensuring sustainability to the health system. The focus must shift to providing value: increasing treatments, products and services that are both clinically effective and efficient.

In order to achieve these goals, PhAMA recommends the following factors be reviewed and considered:

  • Equity, Efficiency and Effectiveness be considered in the context of health care decision making in Malaysia
  • Alternative methodology or pathway be evaluated for articulating cost-effectiveness and promoting equity in health care
  • A review be conducted of the threshold approach that is currently being applied in Malaysia (and the associated challenges)
  • WHO position on cost effectiveness thresholds that place ICERs in the context of other public health options available or already adopted in the relevant Malaysia setting – and in the context of budget be reviewed
  • New frameworks like Multi-criteria Decision Analysis that could offer an improvement on the use of simple thresholds and its relevance to Malaysia be considered

Through our collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Services Division and other stakeholders, it is evident that sustaining progress in health care in a time of cost containment requires commitment, multi-levelled engagement, and strong leadership while keeping the patient in the center of access.

PhAMA is committed to engage in early dialogues with HTA bodies/payers to best fit their expectations for value added medicines development and obtain recognition of additional value through flexible and innovative initiatives.

This white paper does not presume to offer a strict set of policy prescriptions; rather it is intended as a call for action of future directions to guide policy makers entrusted with improving health care and wellbeing of Malaysians in line with its goal under RMK11 and globally, its commitment to Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

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