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  PhAMA Industry Fact Book 2018
Advancing the Health of a Forward Moving Nation

[ Download PhAMA Industry Fact Book 2018 - PDF, 10.2 MB ]


About the PhAMA Industry Fact Book

As a rapidly developing nation, Malaysia is a country with a robust and fast-changing healthcare landscape. As the population grows and literacy improves, so does the demand for better healthcare and quality of life. In keeping with the demands for better healthcare, the pharmaceutical industry continues to invest in the discovery, research and development as well as production of newer drugs, biologics and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of diseases. Malaysia, through its attractive investment schemes and supportive economic infrastructure, has been able to attract leading global pharmaceutical companies to set up base here so that Malaysians can benefit from timely access to innovative world-class medicines.

In this Industry Fact Book, the Pharmaceutical Association of Malaysia (PhAMA) will provide greater insights into how the Malaysian pharmaceutical industry has been working closely with various stakeholders to address the many health-related challenges faced by the nation.

Table of Contents:

  • Minister of Health's Foreword
  • PhAMA President's Foreword
  • Malaysia's Pharmaceutical Landscape
    Factors Influencing the Growth of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • PhAMA: An Odyssey & A Legacy
    Forging Cooperation through Committees
    Fostering an Alliance of Cooperation
  • Providing Timely Access to Quality-Assured Innovative Medicines
    Timely Delivery of Quality-Assured Medications for Disease
    Prevention & Treatment
    Breaking Down Barriers to Medicine Accessibility
    Looking Ahead
  • Cultivating a Stronger Pharmaceutical Landscape
    Improving Productivity & Growth
    Promoting the Growth of the Nation
    Building & Developing Expertise
    PhAMA: Leading the Way Forward via Stakeholder Engagements
  • Shaping the Future of the Industry
    Delivering Scientific Advancement and Economic Contribution
    Greater Intellectual Property Protection
  • Future Trends & Challenges in the Healthcare Industry
  • List of PhAMA Members

[ Download PhAMA Industry Fact Book 2018 - PDF, 10.3 MB ]